Client: Online Access

Outstaffing provides an option that gives business owners, board presidents and designated supervisors online access to view payroll and HR information about assigned employees.

Owner/President Access
If you are interested in being able to access payroll and HR information with regard to your employees, please give us a call and we will set up a User Account for you.  We will then contact you and walk you through logging into the system.

Supervisor Access
You can also designate one of your employees as a supervisor so that they can also view payroll and HR information for all or some of your employees for a nominal fee.  You will still retain primary access of information of any supervised employees.

Due to the sensitive nature of payroll information, we will need a Supervisor Set Up Request form. Simply complete the form and email or fax it to us.  Once we have set them up as supervisor, we will contact them and go over the details of their new access level with them.

Once you have been registered, you can use the Access Payroll Online Button below.


Access Payroll Online