Employee: New Hire

New Hire Online Onboarding (RECOMMENDED)

To streamline the process of adding a new hire to the payroll all you need to do now is complete the following simple form. On completion, we will initiate a secure online web session that will step the new employee through the information needed (demographics, taxes, direct deposit, I-9, etc.) to activate them on the payroll.

Supervisor Approval – will be required to verify and accept the I-9 documents uploaded by the employee. Each onboarding process is client specific, enabling you to add additional steps to the process, such as Employee Handbook Acknowledgement (sign-off), if you wish. Please call us for more information about customizing your onboarding process.

Manual New Hire Forms

If for any reason you are unable to us the new online process you may use the following forms to notify Outstaffing of a new hire:  Client New Hire (Completed by Client), Employee Payroll Set-up (Completed by Employee) and I-9 (The employee should complete and sign Section 1.  You as the Client should complete Sections 2 and 3.  A list of acceptable Documents for verification may be found on page 9.  Please send a copy of the Documents used for verification along with the I-9. Once we receive these forms, we will contact your employee(s) directly to obtain all required payroll information.