Your Dental

Outstaffing is pleased to offer an excellent dental benefits program underwritten by Guardian, one of the largest dental insurance companies in the country.

Dental Insurance Contact Information

Insurance Carrier:  Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (“Guardian”)
Carrier Website:
Customer Service:  1-800-541-7846
Policy Anniversary – August 1
Group Number:  G-404483

Election and Enrollment

For employees working 30+ hours weekly. We have two coverage options, that you can COMPARE HERE.  You will receive maximum benefits by using in-network providers, although you can use any provider you choose. You may look up providers on Guardian’s website.

LOW option per–pay premiums

HIGH option per–pay premiums

Insured Premium Insured Premium
Employee $16.30 Employee $29.66
Employee and spouse $32.89 Employee and spouse $57.67
Employee and child(ren) $36.44 Employee and child(ren) $63.65
Employee and family $53.07 Employee and family $91.71

You MUST submit the following election form showing your Acceptance or Waiver of the coverage being offered. The completed form must either be emailed ( or faxed (1-877-688-7823) to Outstaffing within 30-days of your hire date. If you apply, coverage will begin on the first day of the calendar month that follows your 30-day eligibility period.

Dental Enrollment Form

(Please note that if you do not choose to enroll in a dental plan, you must still submit the dental enrollment form, waiving participation.  If you do not submit your application within 30 days of being hired, you will be considered a “late entrant” and may be penalized by receiving limited coverage or be required to wait until the next open enrollment period to obtain coverage.)

Registration and Getting Your Cards

Once you have enrolled, go to to “Register Now.”  Your group number & social security number will allow you to log in and print off your Dental Card.

Check out Guardian’s Question and Answer information – and learn more about these great plan features:

 Guardian's Question & Answer document Layered Access Oral Cancer Screenings Xylitol Products

Making Changes

Changes in your dental insurance policy can be made during open enrollment, the month prior to the Policy Anniversary Date.  However, if you have a life event you may be eligible to make changes during the policy year, by submitting an enrollment form.


Can I take my dental insurance with me if I change jobs? If your employment is terminated (voluntary or otherwise,) Guardian dental may be continued under COBRA or State Continuation. Please contact Outstaffing for more information.