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Paylocity Login Screen Changes

The login screen for Paylocity was upgraded on September 28 for enhanced security.  However, your username and password remain the same.  If you forgot your password, you can click “forgot?” and follow the steps to reset the password.  Please go to your company  portal to login (see link on Engage email.)  If you do not remember your username, please contact our HR Department at 434-432-8600 ext. 2.

For enhanced security, you may be required to go through secondary authentication.  Please follow the instructions on the screen.  Remember to “trust” the network if appropriate.  This will ensure you do not have to keep authenticating each time you are at work.


Information you need to know to help protect your employees.

With all of the news swirling around the Equifax date breach, we are sending your employees 2 timely updates about how they may protect their information.

Make sure that your employees know that the following benefits are available to them:  IDShield and LegalShield  Click here to find out more. )

Please also let them know that it is important to open the emails that they receive from us.  We only send information that may be helpful to our employees, and our clients.  As always, if you have concerns or questions, feel free to call us.

The following links will give you the information that your employees will receive from Outstaffing:

Equifax Data Breach: Are you affected?

Image result for fighting hackersFrom the Federal Trade Commission:  If you have a credit report, there’s a good chance that you’re one of the 143 million American consumers whose sensitive personal information was exposed in a data breach at Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies.

Here are the facts, according to Equifax. The breach lasted from mid-May through July. The hackers accessed people’s names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. They also stole credit card numbers for about 209,000 people and dispute documents with personal identifying information for about 182,000 people. And they grabbed personal information of people in the UK and Canada too.

There are steps to take to help protect your information from being misused. Visit Equifax’s website,

To read the full article from the Federal Trade Commission, click here.


Getting started with your Home Page

Take a look at your home page. Is your logo there, and if so, is it the logo you prefer? If you don’t have a logo or you aren’t happy with what’s there, send us a logo that you will be happy with. What about social media? Let us know which ones you want to link your business to and which ones that you would like to delete.  Outstaffing is happy to work with you to get a site that you’ll be proud of!

You can email logos and information to

Teladoc to Acquire Best Doctors

Outstaffing is pleased to let you know that Teladoc (The medical component of Call A Doctor Plus) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Best Doctors, the world’s leading expert medical consultation company focused on improving Teledoc Video Conferencinghealth outcomes for the most complex, critical and costly medical issues.

This acquisition is very good news as it will continue to drive future expansion of the Teladoc platform.  Teladoc can now provide better control over their doctor network, which will improve the patient experience, and increase Teladoc’s overall impact.

Further, the depth and breadth of coverage of Teladoc’s network will also expand to include the ability to resolve higher complexity issues ranging from specialists and second opinions to the support of more complex treatment plans.

This latest development is further evidence that Telemedicine is headed in the right direction, and will no doubt become more and more integral to the Healthcare process moving forward.

As always, as we become more aware of this and any other development with Teladoc, we will keep you posted!

YOUR Outstaffing

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be rolling out “Your Outstaffing” – a personalized home for your partnership with Outstaffing! Access to everything you need will be in one place! Not only will our clients be able to access the tools and functions that you need – your employees will also be able to open a “landing page” with access to the tools and information they need as an employee. This will save our clients time and headaches, and save employees from having to “go to the office” with minor payroll and benefits questions.  Your Outstaffing is designed specifically for your business, so that the information there is relevant to you and your employees.

Be expecting a phone call from Phil that will start the process.  We are excited to offer this upgrade to our clients – we know you’ll love it too!

From Options to Engage!

Stay engaged with Outstaffing Engage!We are very excited to tell our clients that we are expanding our scope of services to you, and in doing so, we are re-branding our client newsletter from Options to Engage! Our goal is to stay engaged with our clients to let you know that we appreciate your business and we are proud of our partnership with you.  One of the ways we have chosen to keep you up-to-date on important information is by Engage! 

Engage! will come to your inbox with important and interesting business information. Please take the time to open your Engage! emails and check out the topics. And as always, if you have questions, simply call or email and we will assist you.

Thank you for partnering with Outstaffing!

Cell Phone Safety

10 Tips to secure your phone

Did you know, at any given time, malicious code infects more than 11.6 million mobile devices? According to the 2014 Ponemon Institute and IBM Security study, 1 billion personal data records were compromised by cyber attacks. And most recently in 2016, Kaspersky Lab detected the following:

  • 8,526,221 malicious installation packages
  • 128,886 mobile banking Trojans
  • 261,214 mobile ransomware Trojans

As smartphones become more central to our daily lives, the data stored on them becomes increasingly sensitive, such as personally identifiable information, credit card details, GPS information, and mobile authentication codes. Here are some best practices to keep your device safe from unauthorized use and avoid unpleasant surprises.

10 Quick & Easy Tips:

  • Secure your phone using a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint.
  • Remove/delete unneeded sensitive files from your phone.
  • Enable the built-in encryption feature to encrypt your phone and SD card.
  • Update your operating system and apps.
  • Download apps from trusted stores and review needed access permissions.
  • Install functional antivirus software or a reputable security suite tool.
  • Only use trusted Wi-Fi connections, and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Exercise caution when accessing personal or sensitive information in public areas.
  • Log out of sites and apps after accessing your finances or paying your bills.
  • Use kid/guest modes to prevent your child (or your friend) from accessing private data.

To learn more about protecting your smartphone, click here to visit the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Independent Contractor?

Administrative Assistant


I’d like to hire an administrative assistant. Can I classify this person as an independent contractor during a 90-day try-out period and then, if they work out, hire them as a full-time employee at the end of the 90 days?


The short answer is no.

It’s highly unlikely that an administrative assistant would meet the criteria for classification as an independent contractor. The IRS and the U.S. Department of Labor, along with state agencies, have specific criteria for determining who is an employee and who is an independent contractor. These criteria focus on the overall relationship workers have with their employer, with particular attention to who controls when, where, and how the job gets done, as well as who has the opportunity for financial profit or loss. Administrative assistants typically do not have that level of control over their work, so they’ll almost always be classified as employees.

I understand that you’d like to hire the individual on a trial basis, with the possibility of continued employment. You can do this by offering them temporary employment. During the 90-day period, make sure that you provide the employee with clear expectations for the position and success in the role. If you elect to end their employment once the 90 days are up, you should document why they are not being considered for continued employment.

Beware of W-2 Phishing Scam!

Outstaffing would like for you to be aware from this important message from Paylocity:


The IRS, state agencies, and the tax industry have issued an urgent alert to all employers on the evolving Form W-2 email phishing scheme. The scam is spreading contagiously beyond the corporate world into other sectors, including school districts, tribal organizations, and nonprofits.
How the scam works
Cybercriminals are using various spoofing techniques to create emails that appear to be from an organization’s executive. Sent to a payroll or human resources employee, the email requests W-2 information for all employees in a list.

What to do if you are scammed
Please advise your payroll and human resources departments of this scam. Follow these steps if you encounter the scam:

  1. Forward the scam email to and place “W2 Scam” in the subject line.
  2. File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  3. Employees whose W-2s have been stolen should review the recommended actions by the FTC or IRS.
  4. If an employee’s own tax return gets rejected due to a duplicate SSN or if instructed by the IRS, the employee should file a Form 14039 Identity Theft Affidavit.

Please read the entire article to learn more about the scam and ways you can protect your organization online.